WBN Online Support Network Meeting with Speaker: Heidi Medina 25th January

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Engaging Guest Speaker Session – An Unmissable Opportunity! At every Thursday meeting we have a high calibre guest speaker on a business or personal development topic. We listen to our members to identify skill gaps and challenges so that we can deliver content that will help them and their businesses to thrive and grow.

Our guest speaker for this session will be Heidi Medina

Heidi, a Gen X LinkedIn Social Selling Strategist, has secured over 650+ clients from LinkedIn and Facebook in the past 5 years. Her expertise lies in helping established online entrepreneurs and coaches seamlessly integrate online content and conversation, converting connections into paying clients and collaborations while making ‘real’ world impact, without the dreaded “ick” factor. Heidi brings a fresh perspective to social selling, ensuring marketing is not only effective but fun. From the States, but based in Portugal, she enjoys slow travels with her hubby. Connect with Heidi on LinkedIn or in her Facebook group, The Client Connection, for impactful social selling strategies.

Heidi will be delivering her talk How to Get into your Ideal Clients DM and Turn them into Leads (without getting ignored, blocked or cold pitching)


 3 places you can easily jumpstart the conversation with your ideal client (and have them connecting and DMing you)

 The simple shift to move conversations to the DMs effortlessly (it will blow your mind how easy this is)

 Doubling or tripling your reach and visibility (in less than 5 minutes) talking to your peer’s network

All using the free version of LinkedIn AND as little as 30 minutes a day (no weekends).

Connect with Heidi on Linkedin or come along and meet her on 25th January…

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidimedina/

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