Feel the Fear – and Sell Anyway!

Guest blog from our Sales Expert Jules White

Sales and selling are usually top of the fear meter!

That fear often arises the minute you need to ‘sell’ yourself or your products and services. However, every business owner needs to understand that sales are about visibility and why people buy from you. Learning to have courage in sales and selling is an important skill to develop.

You’ll hear me talk about human connection all the time. For business, that connection is the lifeblood, just as sales is the oxygen. Storytelling is the perfect way to combine connection and sales to engage with your audience; for example, the start of a new year is the perfect time for setting resolutions and goals and to build a story around this to connect with your clients.

What are your clients afraid of starting this New Year? What do they fear and how can you provide a non-scary solution? By stepping outside your own fears you can connect authentically with your audience and their fears.

Storytelling is just one of the strategies I use in the Live It Love It Sell It methodology, but it’s also one of the most powerful, and your story is the most influential of all.

If you scare easily and worry about the monsters in your own sales strategy, then fear not for I have the challenge to help you face those fears, build confidence to sell in an authentic human way, and fall in love with sales and selling.

Starting on Monday 7th February, I will be running a Face Your Fears 5-day ‘Fall in Love with Sales’ Challenge.

What does the challenge include?

You get five days of learning opportunities with the bonus of a fantastic prize for the winner at the end of the week (keep reading for more on this).

It’s going to be a fun but effective challenge where you’ll learn how to:

  • Bust all the nightmarish sales myths that keep you up at night
  • Rid yourself of any scary sales skeletons hiding in your business closet
  • Destroy the mind monsters and gremlins that hold you back and tell you lies
  • Vanquish the self-limiting beliefs that hold you back

By the end, you’ll be able to sell with dastardly amounts of confidence!

As with all my sales challenges, the week will be a lot of fun, but you’ll also come away with a toolkit full of strategies and methods to help you sell in a heart-centered way.

Practical daily tasks will enable you to level up your sales techniques and become a wizard of your world. You’ll also receive daily email prompts to keep procrastination from the door!

Through a private Facebook group, you’ll connect with a friendly group who love nothing better than engaging, supporting, and cheerleading your progress.

If you are ready to vanquish any business bogeymen then reserve your hot seat HERE for a fabulous week of fear-busting.

What could I win?

Our Face Your Fears 5-day Fall in Love with Sales Challenge winner will walk away with a 90-minute Breakthrough Session with me worth £300! to help nurture your sparkling new love affair with sales.

What you’ll get as part of your prize:

  • You’ll be able to focus on what you stand for and why you need to share it with the world.
  • You’ll realise your strengths and the unique value you give to your clients
  • You’ll be able to dispel any self-doubt and move forward with confidence
  • You’ll uncover the key factors to drive your business forward
  • You’ll come to the wonderfully powerful realisation that you can actually SELL!
  • You’ll realise you already possess everything you need
  • I help you understand that life skills are in fact sales skills.

I promise you will never look at sales in the same way again. By the end of your Breakthrough Session, you’ll be able to sell with your heart and soul without any fear or trepidation. You will come to see how your life skills and core values can become your strongest sales tools. And I will show you how.

Signup for this fun yet effective challenge https://calendly.com/liveitloveitsellit/feel-the-fear-and-love-challenge

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