How Womens Business Networking Group differs from other Networking Groups

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As a woman in business you tend to build up trust over time. It’s natural for you to weigh up all the pros and cons of situations, opportunities, and environments before making any decisions.

With the arrival of a global pandemic, this need for maintaining control was ever more present in your business life. Some of you had to rethink your strategy, overhaul your entire process, products, or services, or find alternative ways to trade.

Out of the ashes of a ‘new norm’ stronger connections formed. You were able to reach a global audience thanks to Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Your business world became smaller as you joined like-minded individuals and began to navigate these new waters.

Does that resonate with you?

Did you have to reinvent yourself and your business during the pandemic?

Taking control of your business

Most of us scrambled to take back control of our working world. While we adapted, dealt with anxiety and worry, cried (yes, we’ve all done it!), and fought to stay afloat there was one ever-present light at the end of the tunnel – online networking.

Stuck indoors day in, day out either with partners and kids or home alone was challenging. Yet we heard about the amazing successes from independent or small business owners every single day. Within our own Womens Business Networking group, we’ve saw our members rebrand, launch eBooks, and start new businesses despite the pandemic.

When we felt alone, we turned to an army of online connections to help us navigate our way through the turmoil, apprehension, and stress.

Did online networking help you?

Here’s what one of our members had to say in response to that.

This networking group has been a lifeline for me. Sharon and all the ladies in the group have been very supportive during a very turbulent time. There is a variety of talents amongst the ladies, which brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This group of ladies have all become friends and are not just business associates. I cannot recommend Sharon’s networking group enough!” Alexandra Hugginson, Lumber Jax

What makes us different?

Grabbing a coffee and jumping on a Zoom call with a group of friends became a regular occurrence in households across the globe. It replaced the in-person meetings we all loved so much.

Before any of us had heard the words lockdown or covid, our networking group enjoyed the benefits and joys of face-to-face meetings. Like many groups across the country, we would meet for two hours to talk about our businesses, discuss any issues we had, and brainstorm new ways of improving our work life. As the events of the pandemic unfolded, our founder Sharon decided to rethink how to deliver the networking to help more women stay connected, beat the isolation blues, and still maintain the regular communication necessary to build a successful business.

The online Womens Business Networking group was born and has gone from strength to strength since 2020. We pride ourselves on the support we continue to offer our attendees and members as we help them believe in themselves .

“A warm group of supportive business women. We are encouraged to be open, ask questions and be ourselves. I love the expert input at each meeting too. I am learning loads.” Alison Taylor, Global Business Leader

“A wonderful community of like-minded business women sharing their story, the highs and lows, and supporting each other through online networking sessions, guest speakers, and lots of laughter. I’m so glad I became a member.” Shelley Wilson, Content Writer/Author

Opportunities to learn

Not only was our networking group able to continue providing valuable resources to our members, but we opened up to a global audience attracting attendees from overseas who were committed to finding new connections.

The Womens Business Networking group provides a safe space for women in business to connect, engage, share stories, and lift one another. It’s also a hub of knowledge and other resources. As wonderful as it is to meet up online for a chat and a coffee, I wanted to provide something of value alongside the community feel.

Our monthly guest speakers provide relevant insights into the topics and themes that every business owner needs to know and understand. We’ve welcomed a host of incredible speakers including Jules White, Sales Expert from Live It Love It Sell It, who talked to us about falling in love with sales, finding our unique strengths and human connection, and identifying our values and stories.

“Ladies I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet you all today and thank you for having me as your speaker. I came off the call really energised and loved the new connections I’ve made.” Jules White, Live It Love It Sell It

We often take advantage of content themed months where possible and recently welcomed experts Andrea Rainsford from SEO Angel, and Shelley Wilson from Shelley Wilson Writing Solutions to share their wisdom and advice on all aspects of SEO, blogging, and content writing to boost your visibility and engage with your audience online.

“What an amazing meeting. Shelley Wilson really knows her stuff, seriously walking the walk! Thank you.” Sue Green, Rix Green

There is no I in team

Here at the Womens Business Networking group, we offer you a team atmosphere and the ongoing support you deserve. Many of our attendees have suffered from doubts or fears over their business, and we understand it can be uncomfortable to express your thoughts and feelings.

Our network gives you the time, space, and support to talk through any uncertainties, fears, or anxiety that you are experiencing.

As a woman in business or a solopreneur, it’s vital to surround yourself (even virtually) with a strong and powerful team who can motivate and inspire you. That’s what you’ll find at Womens Business Networking!

Find out more about the support, online meetings, and guest speakers we have coming up at the Womens Business Networking group via our website. Alternatively, get in touch to discover how membership to Womens Business Networking can benefit you and your business.

Book a free clarity call with Sharon to see how we can help you further.