Networking: The Power Behind the Scenes

Over the last eighteen months, online networking has become more than a way to keep in touch with other women in business. For some, it’s become a lifeline for their mental health, a safe space to share anxieties and worries, and a place to give and receive support.

On the surface, every networking group provides ample opportunities to showcase your business, but a valuable network offers you much more than this.

Behind the scenes

As a business owner, you arrive at a networking event or log online to join a Zoom meeting, and you are guided to introduce yourself. You get to share your business, your goals, and the kind of connections you’re hoping to make. The host of every networking group manages the meeting so that every attendee gets the most out of their visit.

But who are these hosts?

In truth, the power behind any good networks is the women who launch these groups. They are women in business who understand the power of collaboration and connection. Most networking leaders are active in their community and eager to boost the profile of the people they meet.

I am honoured to be the founder of Women’s Business Networking. When I’m not running the network, I provide women in business with the support they need to take back control and grow a profitable and successful business.

My Business Growth Management work has been a lifeline for many businesses during these troubling times, and being a small business owner can feel overwhelming.

Working behind the scenes on my own business gives me the understanding and empathy needed to help support the ladies in our network and membership.

I offer a guiding hand, whether that’s through my own business or in the network itself. My skills are transferable, and this is the power behind any networking group.

There are times in business when we need reinforcements. A friendly army of like-minded people who can walk by our side. Who will listen to our thoughts, reflect on our dilemmas and successes and cheer us along. Sharon not only brings her own extensive business knowledge but also has attracted experts from a wide range of business arenas. We are in safe hands in this group. We can share our troubles and our joys. And that is invaluable in today’s complex business environment.” Alison Taylor, Global Business Development.

Hidden talents

How many times have you attended a network where you are introduced to a connection that makes a lasting impression? Whether that’s someone in a similar industry to you who understands your working world, a coach who ends up being your biggest cheerleader, or a complimentary business that opens up opportunities for collaboration?

When we think about the different types of businesses represented at networking events worldwide, it becomes a hive of hidden talents. There were 5.9 million small businesses (with 0-49 employees) in the UK at the start of 2020, and SMEs account for 99.9% of the business population.

The statistics show the sheer power of small business enterprises and the opportunities available to tap into thousands of industry experts’ skills, knowledge, and expertise.

The Women’s Business Networking group ensures its members have access to a panel of experts and resources that make life easier. This is how we attract an international audience, making it easier to connect with peers across the world. We also cover topics that relate to our attendees and attract guest speakers who are leaders in their field.

With access to so many women across such a wide variety of industries, it’s safe to say that networking is a powerful marketing strategy for any business owner.

What are your hidden talents? How can you get the most out of your visit to our network? One of our guest speakers and regular members, Jennie Eriksen, shares her thoughts on The Importance of Attending Networking Meetings Intentionally.

What next?

The team at Women’s Business Networking are constantly looking at ways to grow the group, so you get the most from your visit and membership. Joining a networking group that can encourage, guide, and support you to embrace your business life is a worthwhile investment.

Here are some of the benefits we offer at Women’s Business Networking:

  • Member Profile – Our website is the hub of the network where we share resources, event information, our informative blog, and an overview of our lovely members. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of this SEO (search engine optimised) promotion by adding your name, business details, and biography to the membership portal for visitors to read.
  • A panel of Experts – You can’t possibly know everything, and sometimes you don’t have the time, resources, or energy to do the necessary research. Our members have exclusive access to a panel of experts who specialise in business processes, sales and marketing, SEO and visibility, and human resources. Tap into this incredible font of knowledge and get the help and advice you need when you need it.
  • Resource Library – We are creating a library of resources with a free and a paid option. As a member, you will have exclusive access to the free  resources to help you in every aspect of your business with the option to purchase the additional paid resources if you wish.
  • Online Meetings – Geography, time restrictions, and workload can hinder our attempts to network effectively; that’s why our virtual networking sessions are so popular. We have members and guests attend our meetings from all over the globe, making this network a great way to reach a much wider audience. As part of your membership, you receive two free online meetings per month.
  • Dedicated Facebook Group – Our dedicated Facebook group provides our members with a safe space to engage, ask questions, and meet other members. We understand that our online networking sessions are essential for meeting like-minded ladies and introducing your products or services to others. We also see the importance of needing answers in the moment. Our Facebook group is the perfect place to interact on the go with fellow members. Ask questions, share advice, tips, and experiences, and learn more about your fellow business owners.

The Women’s Business Networking group can support you to maintain a thriving business within a like-minded business community.

I love connecting with like-minded women and business owners. I’ve been able to build trusted relationships, boost my professional development, and build a wider network outside my usual circles. I can highly recommend WBN.” Sue Green, Rixgreen.

Find out more about the support, online meetings, and guest speakers we have coming up at the Women’s Business Networking group via our website.

 Alternatively, get in touch to discover how membership to Women’s Business Networking can benefit you and your business.

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