WBN Founder launches “Empower Hours” to support women in business

WBN Founder launches “Empower Hours” to support women in business

This month sees the launch of Sharon Louca’s Empower Hours. Sharon has been working closely with small business owners for over 15 years through her business support and quality consultancy work and this month Sharon decided to re-introduce her one hour focus calls which are entitled Empower Hours. 

You can read more about Sharon’s business journey and her Empower hours here

Here Sharon shares a Case Study of a recent Empower Hour with WBN Member Jacky Wood

Jacky is an amazing lady who wears various hats – don’t so many of us! Jacky is a licensed menopause champion and an Ambassador for Tropic Skincare and also has other complimentary business projects running alongside these two core offerings. Jacky asked if she could chat with me as she was feeling overwhelmed by the many areas of her business that she was juggling and struggling to gain the traction she desired.

She loved all the various areas of her business greatly and didn’t want to stop doing any of them but as a result she was feeling very overwhelmed and disorganised. In the past Jacky has been a very successful VA so her organisation and skills are on point. She asked if she could have a chat with me to tap into my contacts and also to find a way to move forward. I suggested a Power Hour with me to talk it through so I could help her to gain clarity and focus.

She was finding it impossible to prioritise these projects and as much as she loved them all unless she was going to get help/outsource she couldn’t do any of them justice by spreading herself so thinly. We discussed each project and decided on her priorities. We agreed that some she was able to focus on fully and others she needed to step back from and set them up so they could tick along in the background without the need for her daily involvement.  I also gave her some easily actionable steps to take to maximise her time further so she could free up time to focus on her biggest priorities.

This is the lovely testimonial I received from Jacky:

“I have a number of ideas and goals that I want to achieve. I had my own VA business years ago and was very able to organise my clients’ projects, but when it came to my own, I found I was struggling to stay focused on a single task, and to discipline myself not to be distracted. I spoke to Sharon about this and arranged to spend a Power Hour with her.
I met her in person with my list of to-dos written out. I didn’t know what to expect because I’d tried to straighten myself out so many times, with no success.
Sharon sat patiently and listened as I spoke about each item and as we went through them, she encouraged me to prioritise, to decide what really gave me the most satisfaction, and to identify which ones could be pushed back. Up to this point, I’d been trying to prioritise everything!
By the end of the hour, Sharon had given me actionable steps that I began immediately, and that have already made a huge dent in my feelings of overwhelm, and of feeling disorganised and rushed.
The relief I felt by the time I left was just great. I felt empowered and back in control.
Sharon is a wonderful person and an empathic listener, and her practical and appreciative approach to my challenges cheered me up no end, and changed my day-to-day routine for the better.
A huge thank you lovely lady” 🙏