What members are saying about Womens Business Network

Don’t just take our word for it! Read what our satisfied members have to say about how Women’s Business Networking has helped them.


Alison Taylor: Global Business Development

Alison Taylor
Alison Taylor
There are times in business when we need reinforcements. A friendly army of like minded people  who can walk by our side.  Who will listen to our thoughts, reflect on our dilemmas and successes and cheer us along.
Sharon not only brings her own extensive business knowledge but also has attracted experts from a wide range of business arenas.
We are in safe hands in this group.  We can share our troubles and our joys.
And that is invaluable in todays complex business environment.

Alex Hugginson: Lumber Jaxs

Alex Hugginson
Alex Hugginson
I would highly recommend this women’s business networking group. Sharon is very supportive, knowledgeable and well connected. She has helped myself and lots of businesses through her networking group and although I go to various different networking groups, Sharon’s is my favourite group.

Sue Green: RixGreen Limited

Sue Green
Sue Green
I love connecting with like-minded women and business owners. I’ve been able to build trusted relationships, boost my professional development, and build a wider network outside my usual circles. I can highly recommend WBN.

Sarah Gray: Sarah Gray Styling

Sarah Gray
Sarah Gray
Womens Business Networking is a supportive and friendly online networking group. Each month, there is the opportunity to get to know members as well as meet new ladies. The speakers are always of a high calibre and provide great value. I’m really enjoying the group and am gaining a lot knowledge and making great contacts.

Jackie Monk: Emma Grace Glass Art

I was introduced to Women’s Business Networking, having met it’s founder Sharon Louca at another networking event.
I think many networking groups can boast a great membership, of like minded, supportive and professional members and WBN is no exception. However, two things make this networking stand out for me.
Firstly the quality of the speakers. Sharon must work very hard to engage top quality speakers to address her networking group. Topics range across all areas of business management and personal development and the speakers are engaging, warm and always knowledgeable. I get so much from every presentation.

Secondly, Sharon herself is a perfect host. She quietly but expertly manages each networking session with warmth, authenticity and generosity. She ensures connections are made and allows time for anyone who wishes to speak, share or ask questions.
This networking is one of the most professional I have attended and achieves a perfect balance between professional and personal content and discussion. I would highly recommend it to any woman in business looking for a welcoming, inclusive environment that is full of learning.