Are you up for a challenge this December?

Are you up for a Challenge this December?

As 2022 draws to a close and we start to plan our goals for 2023 I would like you to take the time to stop and reflect on your year to date.

laptop with Time To Review wording on screenOur members have taken part in a December challenge to conduct a review of their business over the last twelve months. To look at the goals they set in January and to reflect on what has happened during the year.

Running a small business, we are often busy working on the next thing look forward rather than back on just how far we have come. Time moves so quickly, and things change day-to-day in our businesses that it is so easy to forget our achievements.

I would like to invite you to take part in our December challenge too

Here are the first three questions I would like you to ask yourself. Please record the answers

Step One – How did your year start?

  1. What were your goals in January 2022?
  2. How were you feeling in January and where were you in terms of your own personal development?
  3. How was your business performing at that time?
  4. How was your financial status – money in the bank?
  5. How many clients did you have?

Step 2 Draw a timeline of your year: –

  • What courses or workshops have you attended?
  • What networking groups have you been part of?
  • Have you entered Business Awards – how did you get on? – were you shortlisted, a finalist, a Winner?
  • Have you attended any conferences or large events?

By asking yourself these questions you will be able to see how you have developed personally and what new things you have learned. You will recognise the new people you have met this year who have featured in your business journey.

white stones with large black stone engraved with the word ReflectStep 3 – Where are you now?

  1. Am I the same person that I was a year ago?
  2. How is my confidence? Has it increased during this year?
  3. What challenges have I faced and how did I overcome them?

By asking yourself these questions you will start to get a much clearer overview of your year. You will no doubt recall events or incidents that you had forgotten or did not pay enough attention to at the time.

Step 4 – How has your business progressed over the last year?

Have you monitored your progress to cover

  • New products or services
  • Your pricing structure
  • Marketing activity – social media, website analytics

Step 5 – What are you most proud of?

Quote - Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearerAre there things that have happened during this year that you never dreamed possible. Have you met people that have made an impact on you and your business?

I am sure as you are answering these questions you are starting to understand the importance of reviewing your business

We love this quote on REFLECTION

“Looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer”

Can you now see why REVIEWING is so important before you rush headlong into setting new goals?

We need to establish what has worked and what has not worked in the current year.

What do you want to take forward with you into your new year and what do you want to let go of?

woman looking up to a blue sky with papers flying away Be that in terms of your mindset and how you talk to yourself internally, your products or services or clients that you are not looking to take forward into the new year. What inspiration can you draw from all this information that will help you in planning for the year ahead to come.

There is no doubt that there have been so many changes over the last two years because of the pandemic. We now have new challenges to face with the economic crisis, rising interest rates, rising fuel bills and Recession. All of these make for a difficult year ahead but, as we will have learned in the past providing, we have a supportive network around us we are not alone, and we can face the challenges together.

At WBN we support female business owners. We bring together like-minded women in a safe trusted environment. We provide a platform to ask for help advice and support and in return members have the Peace of Mind of knowing we have their backs. Having this type of support around you is crucial during difficult times. Impostor syndrome and procrastination can easily kick in when you feel alone or that times are hard. All these things have happened in the past and better times always return. The key is to keep a positive mindset ask for help and support when needed and find a way to ride the storm.

If you do not fancy facing 2023 alone here is what you can expect from a membership at WBN
  • 2 online meetings per month – 90 minutes per meeting and at every meeting you will have an opportunity to introduce your business
  • Access to our Dedicated member only Facebook Group with daily interactions, free resources and challenges for you to take part in.
  • Access to our panel of highly experienced Experts covering Business growth, Sales, SEO, Marketing, and Business Strategy
  • Member profile on our website
  • Member profile shared across our social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google my Business
  • Every month we have a speaker and their presentation is recorded and available to members to revisit in their own time
  • Access to paid resources at special member rates to include workshops and Bootcamps
  • Invites to collaboration projects within the WBN group

We are so much more than a traditional networking group – we challenge you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. We encourage you to take your business to the next level safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.

Our members have reported that being a member of WBN has made them feel more confident in themselves, they have increased their knowledge through our high calibre speakers, expert panel and from discussion with the other members.

Why not join us at one our meetings soon – you can find out upcoming dates here 

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