Jacqui Lilley’s Networking Journey And Insights

In the second episode of Connect, Unite, Empower, I warmly welcome Jacqui Lilley, a distinguished Business Development Manager at JLP Payroll Services. You can listen to it on Spotifiy here

Join us for a thoughtful exploration of Jacqui’s impressive career trajectory, from her early tenure at NatWest Bank to her pivotal role in propelling the growth of JLP Payroll.

During our conversation, Jacqui generously shares the profound impact of networking on her professional journey, offering valuable insights and advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs and business owners. Emphasising the crucial role of support within the business community, particularly in women-centric networking groups, Jacqui highlights the importance of authenticity, preparedness, and proactive engagement in both looking for and offering assistance.

Jacqui offers a thoughtful insight into the importance of cultivating a strong and supportive business network. She tells us practical tips for effective networking and delves into the future of networking, including the emergence of niche groups and online sessions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be prepared with your 60-second pitch. (Don’t be afraid to change it up!)
  • Always follow up with one-to-ones after the meeting.
  • Networking is not just about sales, it’s about connection and relationships.
  • Be your wonderful authentic self!

About Jacqui—the Outsourced Payroll Pixie (taking the pain out of payroll)

Website: www.jlpayroll.co.uk

Email: jacqui@jlpayroll.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqui-lilley-outsourced-payroll-pixie-19a32544/