Womens Business Networking Online Meeting 8th March 2022 9.30-11.00am

Womens Business Networking is a national online networking membership group for women in business. We meet online twice per month.

WBN meetings are relaxed, informal and fun – we are a very supportive group where you can be yourself and ask for help.

At all our meetings there is an opportunity for all attendees to tell us about their business and what they do.

At this meeting we will have business introductions and our 15 minute member story will be from Vicky Farmer Qualified Health Coach

We will also have a guest Speaker Ruth Dunn of Ruth Dunn Coaching

Ruth is an NLP practitioner and ICF ACC Life/Career Coach and will be talking to us all about Mindset and Mental Fitness. When running our own businesses it is not our knowledge or skill that gets in our way it is too often our mindset and our thoughts – the messages we tell ourselves every day that have an impact on our health, wellbeing and our businesses.

Are you keen to learn more about how you can manage your mindset and thoughts and how mental fitness can really have a profound impact on your life and your business.

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Womens Business Networking was founded by Sharon Louca.

Sharon’s passion is providing women in business with the support they need to feel in control, grow a profitable and successful business, and alleviate stress and overload.

We all want our business to succeed, evolve, and turn a profit. After all, isn’t that the driving force behind many of our decisions to start-up in the first place?

However, being a small business owner can also mean you are everything to everyone.

The Women’s Business Network is the perfect platform to offer the kind of support you deserve. Our fabulous group is dedicated to the empowerment of women in business in the community through virtual networking, and membership options.

What does the Women’s Business Network offer?

• Supportive and friendly environment

• Zoom Networking

• Private Facebook group

• Panel of experts

• No one seat policy – collaboration over competition

• No geographical restrictions – open to UK and Europe

Fancy being part of this fantastic community of like-minded women. Why not come along to one of our meetings and see if we are the right fit for you and your business. We allow visitors to attend 3 times before we would ask them to join.