From a chance comment to a No 1 Amazon Best Selling Business Guide to WBN Bootcamp Series!

That is where it all started for the members of the Womens Business Network who collaborated to share their stories, case studies and knowledge to create The Womens Business Network Guide to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Our aim was clear: to create a valuable resource for women new to the world of business, one that would help them learn from the collective mistakes and experiences of the co-authors, enabling them to lay strong foundations for their entrepreneurial ventures. While the book was initially targeted at start-ups and new entrepreneurs, it offers valuable insights for women at any stage of their business journey because, let’s face it, there’s always something new to learn.

So you may think releasing our Book and achieving an Amazon No1 Best Seller was enough?

As a group we are passionate about supporting our fellow women in business and want to be able to expand on the knowledge shared in the book that you can take away and implement into your businesses

Does this sound familiar to you?

Has running your business become a master juggling act? You are an expert in your field, but other key areas have been learnt through trial and error. The balls are all in the air, but you are just waiting for the next one to fall. You often doubt if you are actually cut out to run your own business! You love your business but it has days full of anxiety and fear…it’s lonely.

Fear not, you’re not alone, and we are here to catch you!

The book shows you the what, and now we want to go one step further and show you the how!

So we are creating a development series of online workshops for women in business, just like you, to take back control of those key areas of fear and worry.

Introducing our WBN Bootcamp

We will be offering a series of workshops dedicated to key areas of your business planning, finance, IT, branding, marketing and networking.

You will no doubt be juggling your business around family and home life too, and because we understand this so well, we have built in strategies for a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, helping you feel good inside and out and, managing hormones and menopause, we are here for you too!

 We don’t stop there…we will equip you for the future, the world after bootcamp, so that you can capture all your opportunities for growth, future proofing your business and increasing your revenue streams; not forgetting to give you your ‘Bouncebackability’ toolkit to help you bounce back when things don’t always go your way, because they won’t!

Above all, we want you to complete our bootcamp series and feel confident, resilient and excited to get back to running your business.

When is this all happening? We will start releasing the sessions for you to purchase and complete in your own time over the coming weeks and here are the topics to be covered by our co-authors and speakers

WBN Bootcamp Part 1  Empowering Women in Business:

Wendy Garcarz – The Importance of having a Business Plan
Ellen Badat – Technology for Business
Kim Masters – Understanding your Relationship with Money
Sue Green – Accounting and Book Keeping

WBN Bootcamp Part 2 Elevate your Visibility:

Sarah Gray – Your Personal brand
Colette Bratton
 – Marketing your business
Sharon Louca
 – Networking
Jacqueline Leake
 – Embracing AI

WBN Bootcamp Part 3  Thrive Holistically:

Sharon Taylor – Managing Stress
Alison Taylor
 – Healthy Lifestyle
Helen Chidgey
 – Looking and Feeling your Best
Jacky Wood – Hormone health

WBN Bootcamp Part 4 Igniting Growth: 

Jules White – Bouncebackability
Vicky Farmer – Creating Multiple income streams
Shelley Wilson
 – Storytelling – Write  your own story or share your expertise in a Book 
Karen Hagan 
– Securing your future finances and ongoing business success

The important bit

This series is a commitment of your time and an investment for your business. 

We can bring you the content, and you bring the rest. Your time, your head space and your commitment to yourself to make this investment count.

As a group we have discussed many times the benefits of the journey we have been on together, and how beneficial our collaborations have been. We want to share that with you and maybe you will even choose to become part of our network going forward – we’d love that too!

Watch out for further updates of when the session become available to purchase in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to share this with you!